Sunday, May 8, 2016

Everyday Appreciation

Last week's staff appreciation was wonderful at our school. It is always a favorite week of mine to show how much I appreciate all that our staff does for our students. Through the positivity, I had a nagging feeling throughout the week. As much as I loved the celebration, I wondered how I could do a better job of appreciating those that surround me all year long. Special weeks and presents are great, but it's the day to day interactions and meaningful expressions of gratitude that last through the years. For me, this means I need to slow down and take time to listen. Sometimes I get so driven that I forget to ask how those around me are doing. Small talk can lead to rich conversations and deep trust. I also need to take a few minutes each day and take time to appreciate those that have gone out of their way to help me. I've put a stack of blank thank you notes on my desk to help remind me to make this a daily habit. Before I leave school each night, I've also started to fill out at least two student positive referrals. This small task has helped to keep my focus each day on looking for the amazing things that our students do. It's wonderful what you see when you look for it. Lastly, I need to remember to take time to appreciate the work that I do instead of beating myself up for what I haven't done yet. It's hard to appreciate others when our own appreciation reservoirs are low. 

Our #LeadLAP challenge for this week is to reflect on how you can show appreciation for staff all year long. How can you ensure that those that surround you in your school community know how much you appreciate what they do each day. It's amazing how small gestures can make deep impact. Share your ideas to the hashtag and include pictures if you have them. As always, Shelley and I look forward to your wonderful ideas! Have a great week!

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