Sunday, February 28, 2016

Through Their Eyes: Shadow a Student Challenge

Shelley and I both have been inspired by blog posts that we have seen recently from educators taking the #shadowastudent challenge. The premise of this challenge is for educators to take time to spend a day shadowing a student at his/her school and looking at teaching and learning through their eyes. Our challenge to you this week is to read through the posts below and take the challenge to shadow a student in your school. Then take a moment to reflect and share to the #LeadLAP community through our hashtag. I look forward to taking this challenge along side you and can't wait to read your reflections. Have a great week!

Shadow a Student Homepage:

Inspiration from Dr. Neil Gupta, District Administrator from Ohio:

Washington Post Article:


  1. Question. Some public services, like the police, have a public outreach program. If I like, I can do a "ride-along" with my local cops. Have you ever heard of such a thing with schools? I know NYC has a way to get top corporate execs to be a Principal for a day. But what about normal people who want to shadow a class or teacher or student?

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