Thursday, August 21, 2014

TOUCHDOWN! Kicking off the Best Year Ever!

Touchdown! TEAM-Together Everyone Achieves More!

What an AMAZING start to the school year!

This was by far the best first day of school that any principal could ever want! Thank you to our parents, students and staff for all that was done to make this possible. 

The Refs ready to kickoff the year!
We started the day with an assembly kicking off our 2014-2015 theme of TEAM McIntire: Together Everyone Achieves More! Our PBS (Positive Behavior Support) Team performed a very exciting skit displaying how much more effective we can be when utilizing teamwork. We also shared our new "All Star Hornet!" recognition. Any staff member can recognize a student for going above and beyond by referring them to the office as an All Star Hornet. A parent will get a phone call sharing the great news and the certificate will be put on our celebration bulletin board. Mr. Cannon and I had over 30 of these positive referrals on day 1! HOW AMAZING!
McIntire students are the BEST! 

During the assembly, we also tried to solve the mystery of the missing clips and clipboards
as we challenged the students to see if we could follow our expectations without using the color clip system that we had done in the past. They accepted the challenge, wholeheartedly, and we will check on the progress at our school assembly in September. These are some of the resources we looked at as a staff when making decisions to discontinue the use of the clips. Feel free to check them out if you would

Lunch was another great experience! Our kindergartners did an amazing job of learning the routine and all other grade levels remembered what to do from last year. Students have 20 minutes before we dismiss for a 15 minute recess, however, they are always allowed to stay in to finish eating. 

Teachers continued to build community and establish routines in the afternoon. We ended the day with a very smooth dismissal.  It takes a little longer the first week, but definitely the best first day dismissal at McIntire in the past seven years! THANK you so much to our parents, staff and especially our students for making the first day of school such a success! 

TEAM McIntire: Together Everyone Achieves More! Here's to the BEST YEAR EVER!

First graders excited about reading!

Already off to a GREAT start!

First day of kindergarten! We are learners!

Teachers are as excited as the kids!

Learning some ROCKIN' cheers!

Hornet Huddle!

Building that TEAM!

WOW! Already into the swing of things!

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