Sunday, August 24, 2014

First Week Notes

What's Happening at McIntire?

Cross Country Back to School Online Read Aloud this Wednesday evening! Our online read aloud series continues this Wednesday, August 27th at 6:00. We are kicking it up a notch and collaborating with two schools in a different state! Three principals reading three AWESOME back to school books. You don't want to miss it! Please email me or comment below if you would like an invitation to join. The invitation will be from, but will be from Chris Turnbull, one of the other principals that will be reading.

PTO will host it's first general session meeting on Thursday, September 4th from 5:30-6:30. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. If you are a parent or guardian of a McIntire student, you are automatically a part of PTO. No membership form or dues required.

No school on Monday, September 1st due to Labor Day or Monday, September 8th due to staff professional development.

A Note from our Reading Interventionists

At McIntire School, reading progress is screened and monitored throughout the academic year to identify students who are at-risk.  Additional individual assessments may be given to determine skill deficits and strengths to assist in developing a focus for instruction or to provide additional interventions.
         A variety of reading interventions are offered during the school day to assist students.  The purpose of these reading interventions is to accelerate the student’s reading progress and allow him/her to meet grade level expectations.
         This year Linda Williams, Megan Metz, Amy Crane and Marla Reynolds will be working with us in a variety of capacities helping to provide reading and writing interventions to the students in our classrooms. These interventions may consist of one-on-one instruction through a specific program such as Reading Recovery.  Interventions may also occur in a small group setting or during a “push in” time when they come and assist with reading and writing strategies in the classroom.

Fifth Grade Hornet Ambassadors

What is the Ambassador Program? 

The McIntire 5th Grade Hornet Ambassador Program was developed through a grant secured at the end of last school year. Ambassadors will serve a similar purpose as student council with the goal of leadership and service learning to our school and community.

How were Ambassadors selected? 
Last spring I visited each fourth grade classroom explaining the Ambassador program and encouraged any student that was interested to please apply. Applications with a detailed description of Ambassador requirements were handed out as well. I then visited the classrooms again to encourage students to consider applying. There were 24 students that completed the application and they were all selected to be a part of the Ambassador program. We kicked off our first event at open house as Ambassadors helped students and parents navigate the school. I look forward to working with this group throughout the year and hope to make this a lasting tradition at McIntire.

We had such a fabulous start to the year! I look forward to welcoming the students back tomorrow!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

TOUCHDOWN! Kicking off the Best Year Ever!

Touchdown! TEAM-Together Everyone Achieves More!

What an AMAZING start to the school year!

This was by far the best first day of school that any principal could ever want! Thank you to our parents, students and staff for all that was done to make this possible. 

The Refs ready to kickoff the year!
We started the day with an assembly kicking off our 2014-2015 theme of TEAM McIntire: Together Everyone Achieves More! Our PBS (Positive Behavior Support) Team performed a very exciting skit displaying how much more effective we can be when utilizing teamwork. We also shared our new "All Star Hornet!" recognition. Any staff member can recognize a student for going above and beyond by referring them to the office as an All Star Hornet. A parent will get a phone call sharing the great news and the certificate will be put on our celebration bulletin board. Mr. Cannon and I had over 30 of these positive referrals on day 1! HOW AMAZING!
McIntire students are the BEST! 

During the assembly, we also tried to solve the mystery of the missing clips and clipboards
as we challenged the students to see if we could follow our expectations without using the color clip system that we had done in the past. They accepted the challenge, wholeheartedly, and we will check on the progress at our school assembly in September. These are some of the resources we looked at as a staff when making decisions to discontinue the use of the clips. Feel free to check them out if you would

Lunch was another great experience! Our kindergartners did an amazing job of learning the routine and all other grade levels remembered what to do from last year. Students have 20 minutes before we dismiss for a 15 minute recess, however, they are always allowed to stay in to finish eating. 

Teachers continued to build community and establish routines in the afternoon. We ended the day with a very smooth dismissal.  It takes a little longer the first week, but definitely the best first day dismissal at McIntire in the past seven years! THANK you so much to our parents, staff and especially our students for making the first day of school such a success! 

TEAM McIntire: Together Everyone Achieves More! Here's to the BEST YEAR EVER!

First graders excited about reading!

Already off to a GREAT start!

First day of kindergarten! We are learners!

Teachers are as excited as the kids!

Learning some ROCKIN' cheers!

Hornet Huddle!

Building that TEAM!

WOW! Already into the swing of things!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

One Week....the Countdown Begins!

One Week to Kickoff...the Countdown Begins!

TEAM McIntire: Together Everyone Achieves More!
A week from today, we will be celebrating the kickoff of the first day of school! As I walked the halls tonight, I was definitely in awe of the amount of work that has gone into getting our school ready for the first day of school. Teachers begin tomorrow, but by looking at these pictures, it's clear that hours have already been poured into making 2014-2015 the BEST YEAR EVER!

PTO Information
PTO Executive session just finished meeting to set our special dates for the upcoming year. The dates can also be found on our McIntire website:

Another great communication tool is the new Fulton Public School's Mobile App. (it is free and can be found in the app store searching Fulton 58) This app has news and alerts, calendars, lunch menus, sports and more!  Interested in joining PTO? There will be sign up sheets at open house. We would love to have your help!

Back to School Read Aloud Extravaganza!

Just a reminder that my first online read aloud will be Thursday, August 14th beginning at 7:00. I sent an email invitation to parent emails. You can also access this at If you would like to view the read aloud on a mobile device, you can download the free Anymeeting app. I can't wait to read two of my most favorite books!

Class Lists
Class lists will be posted after 3:00 on Friday, August 15th, 2014.

Open House
We hope you can drop by open house on Monday, August 18th. Times for open house are 1-6 pm for kindergarten, 1-3 and 4:30-6:00 for grades 1-5. Please feel free to bring supplies to school to  make the load a little lighter on the first day of school.

I hope you are enjoying a great last week of summer vacation! I look forward to seeing you at open house! Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." 
Helen Keller

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Welcome to TEAM McIntire: Together Everyone Achieves More!

Hello McIntire Families!

I hope that your summer has been fabulous!.  I'd like to welcome everyone back to a new school year! I am so looking forward to seeing you in just a few short days. Thank you in advance for all that you do to support the education of your child!
We are going to have the BEST school year yet!

I have to take a moment to brag on our amazing staff at McIntire! Our custodians have worked so hard this summer making our school SHINE! They work each day to provide an environment that is clean and inviting for our students. Our secretaries have been busy making sure we are organized and ready for school to start! Also a SHOUT OUT to our great teachers! The official first teacher contract day is this Thursday, but everyone has already been busy getting everything ready for the first day of school. As I walked the hallways this afternoon, I realized again just how lucky I am not only to get to be the leader of such a great school, but to also have child that attends. I can't wait for everyone to see the creativity and hard work of the staff at open house!
Our Mission: High Levels of Learning for All! 

Here are a few important items and dates to pass along as we near the first day of school.

Class Lists: Our teachers sit down at the end of the school year to develop class lists. Many things are taken into account as they work to develop the best learning teams as possible. We don’t take formal teacher requests at McIntire, but as always, you are always welcome to discuss your concerns or celebrations regarding your child. Our class lists have continued to evolve over the summer as we’ve had families move in and out of our school. We will post the class lists after 3:00 on Friday, August 15th.
Cozy up to a great book!

Open House: In order to meet the needs of more of our wonderful families, we are trying out something new this year for open house. Open house will be held from 4:30-6:00 on Monday, August 18th for grades 1-5. We will also have time available from 1-3 for families to drop by if you have evening obligations. Kindergarten open house will run from 1-6 pm. This is a time to meet the teacher, bring in supplies, ask questions, and get better acquainted with our school. You can also complete your online registration at one of our computers if you need to do so.

First Day of School: Wednesday, August 20th

Back to School Online Read Aloud-You don’t want to miss it!
I would also like to invite anyone who is interested to participate in the first online read aloud with me.  Using the site, I will broadcast a read aloud session that will allow students to watch and listen to some exciting back to school books and give me a chance to interact with students and families.  Reading is such an essential skill to developing successful citizens. I encourage reading at least 20 minutes each night. Check out this visual for those that don’t get this opportunity.

I understand that the summer is a very busy time and that students and families are very active.  I have chosen Thursday, August 14th at 7:00 pm as our first read aloud date.  Based upon how it goes and feedback, I will analyze and decide how frequently to run these sessions and if 7 pm is a good time balancing dinner time, bed time and evening activities. The site,, limits the slots to 200, so we will fill them on a first come, first serve basis.  As I plug addresses into the site, you should get a confirmation email.  

I look forward to connecting with McIntire families.  2014-2015 promises to be the BEST YEAR YET!  Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need anything at all.